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Ibex Biosciences takes pride in its multidisciplinary, adept, and skilled scientific and management teams, which are composed of a diverse group of professionals.

We are consistently on the lookout for seasoned technicians and scientists, who hold an Undergraduate, Master's, or PhD degree in the research fields we operate in.

For any upcoming vacancies, we encourage you to send your resume to us at As soon as a position becomes available, our initial review will prioritize those qualified resumes that have been emailed to us.

Current Opportunities

Ibex Biosciences, Inc., a pharmaceutical research company in Maryland seeks a full-time Research Associate to work in its office in North Bethesda, MD and occasionally in its office in Cumberland, MD.



Duties: Maintain cell line based on different projects, including mammalian cell, insect cell and perform cell culture routine test. Develop a new gene therapy from R&D scale. Design experiments and optimize cell culture processes. Perform bio-analytical test/technique, as needed, such as reverse transcript, PCR, Real Time PCR, agarose gel electrophoresis, Western Blot.


Requirements: Master’s degree in Biotechnology or related field. Must have skills in mammalian cell culture, BSL-2 environment, protein purification, molecular biology techniques, flow cytometry, statistical analysis.


Email resumes to:

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