About Ibex Biosciences

Our History

Founded by Michael Karlin and Murat Croci in 2015, Ibex is headquartered in Allegany County and there it is developing a number of promising pre-clinical therapeutic programs in the areas of monoclonal antibodies, stem cells and gene therapy. 

These programs along with its diagnostic programs are being developed under the guidance of Ibex's Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Norman Lai, PhD. 


Ibex Biosciences is proud of its highly experienced and knowledgeable scientific and management teams.  

We are steadily growing and have been seeking experienced technicians and scientists with either a Master's or PhD degree.  Currently we are seeking to fill the following position for a full-time Senior Scientist, please click here to see this current job posting.

For future openings, feel free to submit your resume for consideration by emailing us at, careers@ibex.bio. Once we post a new position, we will first evaluate qualifying resumes which were emailed to us. 

Our Mission & Vision

Ibex Bioscience's mission is to aggressively develop or help finance lifesaving therapies and diagnostics in the race to effectively treat a vast number of medical conditions plaguing the human race.   The company will perpetually reallocate its earnings into promising new technologies, promising scientists, and promising new targets with the sole objective of achieving this mission statement. 

Ibex's objectives are:

  • To actively seek out and evaluate new molecules and new methods to develop more effective therapeutics in order to improve the outcome of a multitude of unmet medical conditions. 

  • To actively seek out and evaluate scientists along and their early-stage discoveries with the intent of offering these innovators opportunities so they may further their product's development goals.

  • To evaluate its non-therapeutic discoveries for commercial diagnostic and disease monitoring potential.

Intellectual Property

Ibex Biosciences has filed four patents through its patent counsel Cooley LLP, as of September 2019.