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Our Pipeline

Ibex Biosciences has a robust pipeline of unique pre-clinical programs consisting of Antibodies, Regeneration and Gene Therapies  as summarized below:
ISR Platform
Gene Therapy

Ibex currently has three pre-clinical therapeutic antibody programs for Malaria, Sepsis and Oncology and which are IBX13, 22.3 and B411 respectively. We are also characterizing these antibodies for treating various inflammatory conditions with in-vivo studies planned in the 2nd half on 2023.

Also, Ibex has developed a polyclonal for IHC diagnostics of CIN and skin lesions. Ibex plans to file a pre-IVD on this antibody by the second half of 2023. 

Ibex intends to conduct an in-vivo study for Parkinson's Disease (BRLVV) in the 2nd half of 2023 using its regenerative platform it refers to as 'In-Situ Regeneration' or 'ISR' for short. This platform is similar to reprogramming but attempts to use gene therapy to facilitate a functional repair of damaged cells. 

Ibex has a patent on the use of its Transcription factor for regeneration while inhibiting oncogenesis. 

Ibex has two universal cancer Gene Therapies (F2 and P2) for direct targeting of cancer tumors. Ibex plans to enter an in-vivo studies for those programs as well as an intrabody version of 22.3 in the first half of 2023.

Ibex has developed additional gene therapies for the treatment of non-oncological conditions with a planned patent filing and in-vivo studies by the 2nd half of 2023.

Ibex Pipeline 3-17-23.JPG
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