Research & Development

Ibex Biosciences has a robust pipeline of pre-clinical programs consisting of antibodies, gene therapies and stem cells as summarized below:

Ibex currently has three pre-clinical therapeutic antibody programs.  One program is our anti-MIF antibody and our other two antibodies are for treating oncological conditions.

Additionally, Ibex has developed three antibodies for use with IHC diagnostics.  Ibex plans to partner or file for a pre-IVD on one or more of them by early 2020. 

Gene Therapy

Ibex has a Gene Therapy program for the treatment of Glioblastoma as well as a treatment for Sjogren's syndrome.

Additionally, Ibex is researching a portfolio of cancer inhibitory genes and microRNAs that might be effective targets for adjunctively using with traditional therapies to increase the overall survival rate in cancer. 

Stem Cells

Ibex intends to conduct an in-vivo study using its stem cell invention on retinal and cardiac muscle regeneration by early to mid-2020. 

We have filed a patent to protect our stem cell discovery and look forward to providing more information on its efficacy once it is made public. 

Medicinal Research

Ibex is developing ways to biosynthesize select active ingredients that are produced by plants and flowers having medicinal value. 

Its first program is an active component that would be able to more effectively treat open wounds for conditions such as Diabetic Ulcers and Bed Sores.