Ibex Biosciences is proud of its highly experienced, diverse and knowledgeable scientific and management teams.  

We have been seeking experienced technicians and scientists with either an Undergraduate, Master's or PhD degree in our areas of research. 

For future openings, feel free to submit your resume for consideration by emailing us at, Once we post a new position, we will first evaluate qualified resumes which were emailed to us. 

Current Openings

Ibex Biosciences, LLC, a pharmaceutical research company in Maryland seeks a full-time Research Associate to work at its offices in North Bethesda, MD and Cumberland, MD. 


Duties:  Work on antibody drug development in oncology.  Perform immunoassays (ELISA, Western blot) and protein analysis, protein kinetic binding assays.  Perform aseptic mammalian cell culture, signaling assays, cell toxicity/proliferation assay and flow cytometry.  Analyze and interpret experimental data for project reports.


Requirements:  Master’s degree in Biotechnology or related field.


Email resumes to: