Ibex Biosciences, LLC ("Ibex") is headquartered in Rockville Maryland.  Unusual for early-stage biotechnology companies, Ibex engages in a diverse approach to research and development.

Ibex strives to discover, validate, and produce potential solutions to a multitude of serious challenges facing human health by investing in exploratory projects and processes that may not have been validated within the public research community. 

Ibex's mission is the relentless pursuit to effectively treat unmet medical conditions plaguing humanity.

Research & Development

Ibex has a portfolio of therapeutic antibodies, gene therapies and regeneration programs.  Additionally, Ibex is developing a diagnostic to increase the reliability of biopsies.

Latest News 

Ibex Biosciences awarded as a Top 10 Biotech Startup of 2022

patent photo.jpg

Ibex Announces New Patent  

February 11, 2021

Ibex announces the patent publication of a

new transcription factor for use in regeneration